Big Bags making machine

Title: 72600 FIBC Jumbo bag sewing machine
Update Time 2019-04-30 16:46 Views

Long arm high speed heavy duty top and bottom feed lockstitch sewing machine with extra large rotary hook for stitching Big bag/Jumbo bag/container bags
Typical Application:
1. Making side seams on heavy weight fabrics with thick thread, and all other LOCKSTITCH seams on body of container bags; 
2. Assembling layers of PP webbings together for making lifting loops (container belts) of Big Bag, with various reinforced seams, such as X-Box; 
3. Sewing and attaching side seam loops or cross corner loops (container belts) by reinforced stitching; 
4. Inserting top covers and attaching filler cord and discharging tubes with cords from the too and/or from below for sealing the left needle punctures; 
5. 3-D spacer fabric construction: stitch layers of spacer fabrics together with thickness up to 18mm; 
6. Use as FIBC bag repair machine for patch and mend jute sacks, Polypropylene (PP) Big Bags, Container Bags, tents and awnings.
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