Custom sewing equipment

Title: Large CNC sewing machine for cargo lashing strap
Update Time 2019-04-06 09:05 Views

Undoubtedly the HIGHTEX 72600KSL-6V is the most simple and innovative piece of sewing room equipment we have produced. We are sure that this automated sewing machine create enormous interest worldwide, both for our existing customers and new customers always looking for good and better value for money.

The advantages:

(1)Heavy duty sewing machine head with robust construction and proven reliability

(2)Super large sewing area (800mm×500mm) allow for sewing large size project by one time (for example webbing cargo nets, boat lifting slings and aircraft arrestor tapes etc)

(3)One person can operate two sewing equipment at same time, tremendous wage saving

(4)Large shuttle hook & bobbin capacity reduce bobbin change and offer high efficiency

(5)Equipped with an upper and lower burning type thread trimmer and a needle cooler

(6)Custom made clamp ensures excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitch formation

(7)Programmable (free software), updating and storage easier

(8)Simple to use, no serious training required

(9)Easily affordable

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