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Title: 828-UV60-WPS Fully automatic lashing strap cutting machine
Update Time 2019-06-08 14:30 Views

828-UV60-WPS Fully automatic webbing cutting, measuring, winding and packing machine , for the production of cargo lashing straps
This machine can make a revolution in your production of cargo lashing straps, that realize fully automation (from measuring, cutting, winding to packing finished product, without worker involve in) for the production of cargo lashing strap.
In a traditional manufacturing setup, 2 workers for measuring and cutting webbing strap, 1 worker for winding and 1 workers for packing, total 4 workers.
With 828-UV60-WPS automation equipment, all above tasks can be accomplished by 1 worker, further moreover, this worker can operate multiple machines at same time (two 828-UV60-WPS machines or one 828-UV60-WPS + another automatic machine such as MLK600 automatic ratchet lashing strap sewing machine. Save labor cost up to 500%!
Process automation is essential in today's industry because competitiveness requires higher levels of reliability, productivity, quality and profitability.
We provide complete industrial automation solutions using state-of-the-art hardware and software tools to achieve the proposed goal.
Think hard before buying this automation equipment: "When machine no longer need workers, where are your workers going?"

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