Long arm sewing machine

Title: 366-76-12-HM Heavy duty long arm zigzag sail sewing machine
Update Time 2019-04-06 13:35 Views

This specialized sail making machine gives large working space underarm eliminates the effort and time needed to fold and roll wide sections of sailcloth and cover fabrics during sewing operations; This machine is recognized as the ultimate sail maker sewing machine currently available, it is capable of powering its needle through 20mm of Dacron, Kevlar, Webbing, Canvas and leather; Extremely strong needle penetration force, can easily sew sturdy webbing reinforcement and extra heavy sail corner patches; The large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing sails, tents and tarpaulins, using extra thick thread up to size V277; With 4 Cams for straight stitch, 1-step (2-points), 2-step (3-points), 3-step (4-points) zigzag, cover all demands of modern sail making industry; Standard supplied with heavy duty top and bottom feed puller, which is perfect for sail makers; This robust and reliable sail sewing machine is designed for mass-production sail making business (similar with Durkopp Adler 366-76-12-HM).

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