Post bed sewing machine

Title: 7591 Single needle post bed shoe upper sewing machine
Update Time 2019-04-06 14:15 Views

Modern post-bed high-speed seamers for shoe manufacture; The versatile post bed design allows you to stitch hollow, tubular and shaped items; Its Positively Driven Roller Presser provide a powerful feed for the materials which are hard to feed and climbing stitches over thick section, and ensures constant stitch length and smooth material feed; The roller foot allows for detailed edge sewing; The large vertical hook with 60% more thread capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes; The machines can be equipped with thread trimmer, automatic presser foot, backtacking mechanism and side cutter (options). This shoe sewing machine is similar to Mauser Spezial 591.
Fine quality, better than any other similar shoes sewing machine made in China.

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