Title: Long arm three needle sewing machine for geotextile
Update Time 2023-08-08 15:03 Views

Heavy duty long arm three needle sewing machine for canvas and geotextile material

UNION SPECIAL 38200C SAMSON Heavy-Duty-Three-Needle Long Arm Machine with Built-In Roller Puller for Sewing Operation on Canvas and Other Heawy weight Geotextile Materials

The heavy-duty three-needle machine with lots of work space. From canvas to woven poly to heavy gauge vinyl, the Samson is the ideal machine for seaming operations on FIBC Bags, tents, awnings, pool covers, truck tarps, boat tarps, flags, banners, silt curtains and baffles & pollution booms, PET Geotextile Tubes (Geotextile Breakwater Tubes) for Coastal Protection,Dewatering Bags etc. After all, efficient handling of heavyweight materials is what the Union Special® 38200C24 was designed for; that's why it’s named the Samson. A unique drive enables the 40" long sewing arm to sew through up to a half-inch of some types of materials, without losing power or speed. This wide under arm space eliminates the effort and time needed to fold and roll wide sections of material during seaming operations. The Samson is a 24 gauge machine (3/8", 9.5mm) with a powerful roller puller built-in behind the needles.