Title: Heavy duty automatic webbing angle cutting machine
Update Time 2023-12-29 14:03 Views

828CS Automatic webbing angle cutting machine (heavy duty webbing angle cutter)

Your advantages:

1. Automatic length measuring webbing for the manufacturing of safety harness and military equipment etc;

2. Automatic cutting and sealing the webbing in same time for simple future processing (sewing);

3. Easy to adjustt the cutting angle from 0 to 45 degree;

4. Easy to set dwell time according to your material, achieve optimal cutting results;

5. With 3 optional cutting modes for vertical cutting and oblique cutting;

6. Automatic stop when materials run out;

7. This heavy duty webbing angle cutter comes with affordable price and extremely low maintenance costs.


safety harness and personal protective equipment, military gear, dog harness collar and leash, luggage, plush toy, sports equipment and other industries that require angle cutting.