Title: Heavy Duty Automatic Grommet Machine (Eyelet Machine)
Update Time 2023-12-29 14:11 Views

828X Heavy Duty Automatic Grommet Machine (Automatic Eyelet Machine) for extra thick webbing

Your advantages:

1. A foot pedal activates the automatic feeding of grommets and washers, cuts a hole in your material and sets the grommet and washer in a single stroke at a speed of up to 100 settings per minute;

2. The 828X motor driven grommeting machine does not necessitate air and requires only a 200-240V power supply connection. It is the perfect tool when spacing between each grommet is very narrow and thickness between grommets and washers must be constant, such as for safety harnesses;

3. Its oversized parts make it the strongest and the most robust eyelet machine in the industry. Its single-hulled cast iron frame guarantees precision and solidity;

4. Applications absolutely precise thanks to laser pointer;

5. With protecting covers, prevent the operate put fingers in the punching area;

6. With material guides ensures the straight feeding of material;

7. This heavy duty automatic eyelet machine is custom made and can be customized according to your needs.


safety harness & fall protection equipment, weight lifting belt, military belts, parachute harnesses, dog leash & collar, covers, tents & tarps other industrial fabrics that need grommet and eyelet

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